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Veritas Academic Grading Policy 2017-2018

Parents Bill of Rights

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Parent School Compact


School Contacts

Ms. Connie Scalici is your Parent Affairs Coordinator. You can reach her with any of your questions either by email (cscalici@schools.nyc.gov) or by calling 718-888-7520.

For other members of staff please visit the staff directory to view names, titles and departments.



Regents Schedules

Regents schedules will be sent home closer to to the testing session. These may be subject to change and students and parents should check for updates and information that may be sent home with any amendments.




Graduation Requirements

Graduating high school marks a very important milestone in your child’s life. To enter college and many careers, graduating high school is not only necessary, but also the scores on transcripts will be looked at.

We hope that you continue to partner with us in your child’s education and encourage them to be prepared for school, to try their best on all assignments and o focus on the goal of graduating.

The standard Regents diploma requires a minimum of 44 class credits and 5 Regents passes in the 4 main content areas.

More information and resources about graduation are available here. We also encourage you to reach out to our academic advisor, Ms. Lisa Bongiovi with any questions about graduation and transcripts. Ms. Bongiovi can be reached via email at lbongiovi2@schools.nyc.gov or by calling 718-888-7520.



Grading Policy and Access to Grades

Veritas Academic Grading Policy 2017-2018

More information about PowerSchool our grading program is available here.



Staff Members

You can find information about your child’s teachers and staff emails by visiting our staff directory. You may also call 718-888-7520 to speak with someone.