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As of Friday 4th August at 9pm all student and staff email addresses have changed. This is the shorten them and to reduce conflicts.


The old format for Veritas email addresses was:

Students: firstname.lastname@students.theveritasacademy.com

Staff: flast@theveritasacademy.com     (first initial followed by last name)


The NEW format for Veritas email addresses was:

Students: flast####@veritas.nyc     (first initial followed by last name followed by the last 4 digits of a student’s ID number)

Staff: flast@theveritasacademy.com    (first initial followed by last name)

Current student and staff passwords remain the same. New students’ passwords will be set to their student ID number.


Please note that all your emails, Google Doc, calendar events and other items tied to your previous email will carry over and should not be affected. Email sent to your previous address should also automatically redirect to your new email, however I recommend that you update your email if being used for any registrations or other accounts.


Additional Tips!

  1. After logging into your email, there’s an option in settings for you to forward emails to another account this may help you never miss an important email, shared file request or calendar alert.
  2. You can add your Veritas.nyc Google account to your cellphone (even as a second Google account). This allows you direct access to email through the app, immediate push notifications and access to the Google Docs created on your Veritas.nyc account.

If you have any questions about the email address change or have questions about accessing the features on your cell phone, email Mr. Gill at mgill4@schools.nyc.gov