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Welcome new students and hello current students (we miss you already!) – Your first assignments due upon your first day of school are your English and Math summer assignments.

The summer assignments for all English and Math classes are below and it’s important that you know which class you’re entering into and which assignment to complete. For example, most new freshman (9th graders) will go into Algebra 1 and will therefore need to complete the Algebra 1 summer assignment. If however you completed an Algebra 1 class in 8th grade and passed the Algebra 1 Regents then you will need to complete the Geometry summer assignment instead as this is the class you will be entering into.

If you have any questions about the assignments below or what is expected, please call Veritas Academy on 718-888-7520 and ask to speak with an Assistant Principal who will be able to help.

English Assignments   Math Assignments
 9th Grade Reading   Algebra 1 Assignment (usually 9th grade)
10th Grade Reading   Geometry Assignment (usually 10th grade)
11th Grade Reading (Part 1 of 2)   Algebra 2 Assignment (usually 11th grade)
11th Grade Reading (Part 2 of 2)   Algebra 2 Rubric (scoring guide)
12th Grade Reading   Calculus Assignment (usually 12th grade) 
AP English Summer Reading